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Rewires and Upgrades

Rega Type Arm Rewires and upgardes
Incognito Rega Type Arm Cardas Rewire - Award winning Cardas Rewire for all Rega Arms.
Incognito Rega Type Arm Silver Rewire - An option for those who prefer silver over cardas.
Easy Rider VTA adjuster - Easy adjuster for Rega Arms
RB250 Counter Weight Upgrades - Stainless steel or tungstan versions available.


Universal Arm Rewires and upgrades
Incognito Universal type arm cardas rewire - The classic incognito for all makes of arms.
Incognito Universal type arm Silver rewire
Pro Cartridge Mounting Kit - All you need to tweak and mount your cartridge to pro standards.


We offer an in house rewiring service for all arms. Please email us to discuss individual prices and shipping arrangements.

Turntable upgrade kits
Ultimate Rega Upgrade / Service Kit - A 15 part kit that upgrades and gets the most out of your rega deck.
Ultimate Thorens Upgrade Kit - A massive kit that covers everything from the bearings to the platter!
Ulimate Linn LP12 Upgrade Kit - A tweakers dream


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