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The LAST Factory was founded in 1979 by scientists who were interested in preserving their own record collections. Their research resulted in LAST Record Preservative, a product that continues to receive wide acclaim in the audio industry.

With ongoing research, the LAST product family has grown to include products that are designed to increase the life of all kinds of acoustical and video media, helping individuals, institutions, and the recording and broadcast industries to save and protect their vast libraries of recorded information.

Last Power Cleaner is specifically designed to remove pressing residues and contaminants left over from the manufacturing process. These sticky residues are tightly bound to the groove wall and attract and hold dirt and debris that cannot be removed by the usual water or water/alcohol mix record cleaner.

LAST Power Cleaner is:
Easy to use and apply
Safe for both vinyl and 78s
Just one cleaning with LAST Power Cleaner results in a record surface that is pristinely clean.

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Stylast dramatically reduces the friction at the stylus/groove interface.
Resulting in:

Stylus life extension up to 10 times
Reduced distortion and improved sonic performance
Increased stylus tracking ability
Increased stylus suspension life
Reduced record wear

Stylast is not a lubricant and leaves no residue. It is effective throughout the entire play of one side of an LP record.

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