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Our 25 years in the industry we've seen many products come and go. Some classics some flash in the pans. This experience helps us to trawl through past, present and future products and pick out the best. Below are a selection of the cartridges that clearly stand out from the crowd. Some very rare, some have formed a cult following and others proudly wear the badge of a classic!


The Cartridge Man's Music Maker MKIII
Hi Fi News - Best Cartridge under £1000
Stereo Times - Best Cartridge

" Listening to the MusicMaker was a continual joy of both aesthetic satisfaction and delight in discovering new perception of musical nuance and detail. It was as if one had just inadvertantly overlooked some newly revealed aspect of performance, rather than the cartridge shouting that one pay attention to its sonic skills"
Paul Szabady StereoTimes - Please Click here for more info


Goldring 1012GX
Great with Rock music, the 1012GX is the best value low-price MM.
Hi-Fi World '93
The Goldring 1012GX uses the acclaimed Gyger II diamond stylus. This is a fine line type which gives smooth extended high frequencies with a low distortion and reproduces a highly detailed and dynamic sound. Advanced diamond tip polishing ensures excellent tracking ability and reduces record wear. The 1012GX has become one of Goldring's most popular cartridges. Please click here for more info


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