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J.A Michell Products

John Michell has been making quality turntables for over thirty years. The quality of his turntables and accessories has remained impressively high throughout these years. His latest releases, the Tecnodec and Tecnoarm have confirmed him as one of the best in the industry.


Gyrodec - The classic Michell turntable, continuously refined during many years of development to the current level of performance. The Michell GyroDec is a three-point spring-suspended turntable of medium mass, which is compatible with most quality tone arms in existence. Earlier GyroDecs can always be brought up to present spec, and every modern GyroDec can be upgraded to almost the status of the Orbe. Click here for more information


Tecnodec - The result is a brilliant argument for analogue - open, warm and musical but with all the grip and analysis the digital generation demands, it delivers a resounding kick in the teeth to similarly priced Compact Disc. Kitted out with an OL RB250 (or Michell's own modded Rega) and Dynavector DV1OX4 and you've got a ### product that will paste all its rivals, digital or analogue - DVD-Audio or not. Can't say fairer than that! Hate to say it (as I'm going to have to repeat myself), but this is another cracker from John Michell. - By David Price, Hi-Fi World, April 2003 - Click here for more information


Tecnoarm 'A'

World Verdict 5 Out of 5

"Brilliant evolution of a sublime design - Vinyl Value doesn't get better than this!"

David Price
Hi-Fi World & Computer Audio - June 2003

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