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Kontak the Ultimate Cleaner

The new Kontak comes as an all-in-one fluid in a single 25ml bottle instead of two different fluids requiring two fiddly jars. The Socket/Plug cleaning and treatment all take place with one action, the new fluid combining the two acts so successfully that all you have to do is apply the fluid (with Vigour...) and make the connection. Kontak comes with pipe cleaners, though cotton buds can be used (I prefer Q-Tips), and you simply scrub until you see the 'contamination and oxides' turn your cleaning implement black. Remake the connection and your ready to rock.

Even the evapouration rate has been reduced, a problem for those who were slow to replace the caps on the bottles. Does it work as well? You betcha. Faced with a number of older units awaiting refurbishment (for the museum at the Hi-fi Show), I had plenty of reason to welcome a simpler cleaning method. And while it's hard to 'A/B' cleaning fluids, I have no doubt that Kontak is still the best of them all. Rest assured that any reviewing that I undertake in the furture will involve a bout of Kontak before the listening begins.

"Here's an improvement akin to spending a few grand" Ken Kessler - HiFi News and record review - Please click here to order

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