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The Absolute Sound

It's seems to be getting harder and harder to find the best Audiophile mags from the US in your local Newsagents.

Well you can rest easy from now on. Subscribe today and you'll recieve the next 6 issues (One years supply) direct to your door.

TheAbsoluteSound (TAS) explores music and the reproduction of music in the home. We believe that the sound of music, unamplified, occurring in a real space is a philosophic absolute against which we may judge the performance of devices designed to reproduce music. Our goal is to provide the resources consumers need to judge how a component's sound either honors or departs from the music's truth, and to make sound purchasing decisions that maximize their experience of reproduced sound.

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Classic TAS Back Issues

Over the years we've built up an extensive collection of brand new, never before touched classic issue of TAS. Going right back to Autumn 1985. Please contact us for further details of what issues we have left. Prices start at 4.00 (GBP) for one off issues.

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