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Isolation is a great example of the extremes of Hi-Fi. At one end we have sorbothane sheet and soft shoes. They both do the job they were made to do very well. But for the true Audiophile nothing beats the look, feeling and effect of the all new SAP Relaxa 3 Floating isolation platform.

They are soft enough for effective isolation of lightweight components, such as CD players, but strudy enough - especially if doubled up in back-to-back pairs - to support heavy power amplifiers. Small enough for speaker/stand isolation, but adaptable enough to be used, for example, in conjunction with Tenderfeet if desired. The Soft Shoes (Sorbothane)are supplied in packs of 12, at 18.00(GBP) per pack - just 1.50(GBP) each. Which makes it well worth experimenting!

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The Michell Tender feet are supplied in sets of three, at 18.00(GBP) and 15.00(GBP) respectively for the larger cones (40mm height) and 12mm 'Flattened' types. They are precision machined aluminium cone supports, 35mm base diameter. (Though inteneded for use in threes, a fourth cone could be positioned under a pre-amp with no slack fit anywhere:impressive!) I would suggest the shallow ones are best suited to loudspeakers, the 62 Degree ones to components such as pre-amp/psu, CD player, and possibly turntable.

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