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Test, Demo, Set Up and Burn In CD's

After the HFN Test CD's run came to an end we decided to look for alternatives in the industry. This collection represents the best Test, Demo and Burn in CD's on the market.


Stereo Review and Chesky Records have designed this disc to help you improve every aspect of your stereo system and entertainment center's performance. Featuring demonstrations developed by Chesky's own recording engineers with special test signals developed by Stereo Review's Technical Editor, David Ranada. This Gold CD offers a host of useful tests (some recorded in Dolby Pro-logic), and includes a sampling of Chesky's best new Pop, Jazz, World Music, and Classical recordings: Oregon, Paquito D'Rivera, Badi Assad, The Westminster Choir...and more!
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This one's hard to fault. Its current technological relevance is enhanced by reference recordings' key role is launching HDCD, so the music tracks are HDCD-encoded. In playing order, you get channel identification and phase tests, a clap track, a 315Hz test tone, a wonderful 'spatial' set-up track narrated by Professor Keith Johnson, demagnetising fades and sweeps and a 15 minute burn-in track. Music selections, all from the Reference Recordings catalogue, include Eileen Farrell (Surprise, Surprise), the Turtle Creek Chorale, the Dallas Wind Symphony conducted by Fennell and others, plus mono in-phase and mono out-of-phase and stereo 'out of absolute phase' tracks.
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Wrapped around the 14 selections from Ana Caram, Johnny Firgo, Sara K. et al are spoken introductions which define specific Hi-Fi terms and which then tell you how to determine if the product under assessment meets the grade. Tracks have been chosen which best reveal the nuances and mysteries of 'Transparency', 'Bass Resonance', 'Focus', 'Depth', 'Rhythm and Pace', 'Holographic Imaging' and more. For certain, this is one to add to your CD wallet.
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