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G.C Hadcock Arms and Accessories

"The Hadcock with either the Music Maker or the XX-2 cleans up the bottom end of the Orbe and just makes music so much fun, so that the SME has to take third place. That my two favourite arms are unipivots is significant, I'm not saying that a unipivot is a guarantee of quality (I didn't much like the Kuzma), but those "flat earthers" that have been banging on about them for the last 20 years obviously have something going for them."
Geoff Husband -

"The Hadcock's price is roughly comparable with the Rega 900 and the SME3000 range and, in my opinion, it is both more versatile and more able than either. In truth its performance places it in a higher class altogether. All-inall, wether you view it as a bargain high ender or as an improbably musical medium pricer, the GH242 SE deserves a long blissful listen."
"Utterly musical high end performance, with a very tempting price tag attached. Very little serious competition at the price."
Hi-Fi World - Richard White

Hadcock Arms currently available

Hadcock GH242 Super Silver
Hadcock GH242 Integra
Hadcock GH228 Export

GH242 Pictured

We are also able to supply the following Hadcock Parts

S/S Arm Tube for GH242 Super Silver - S/S Arm Tube for GH242 Integra

S/S Arm Tube for GH228 VDH Silver - S/S Arm Tube for GH228 Export

Headshell inc. screws + allen key - SME Type Mounting Plate


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