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Sound specialist Ringmat Developments is proud to announce what it claims to be the biggest advance in CD reproduction since compact discs were introduced in 1983. The STATMAT electrostatic control
system is designed to enhance the reproduction quality of CD recorded music. STATMAT eliminates the problem of low-level voltage surges, by evening out the electrostatic charges which build up during play. This results in greater resolution and separation, a wider, deeper soundstage, enhanced power and dynamics and an overall cleaner, crisper sound. The size and shape of a standard compact disc, STATMAT is simply placed on the CD in the tray. Unlike competitive products, no treatment of the disc itself is necessary. Moreover, its lightweight material ensures that the transport mechanism does not suffer from any additional weight.

"..What I heard was impressive, though Statmat is a tricky product to compare on an A/B basis, as it seems to have a temporary conditioning effect on both disc and player The kind of improvement made by Statmat is hard to describe in a few words. The sound isn't just smoother, sweeter or sharper. Rather, the music itself seems to change, becoming rhythmically more cohesive, and altogether more purposeful and coherent. Statmat increases the sense of depth and space around voices and instruments, expanding dynamic range to give more light and shade, so tonal colours are subtler and more varied."

Jimmy Hughes (Hi-Fl choice, December 1997)

"I can do no more than this to describe to you my perceived benefits of the CDi Statmat in my system. At 28 Euros (16 Euros for an upgrade), little more than the cost of a CD, the latest Statmat incarnation imparts an extra degree of involvement to the reproduction." - 2000 - Steve Davey

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