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 Ringmat release a New version of their multi arward winning Anniversary Ringmat.

The new Anniversary will be called "Anniversary Gold Spot" and at about 2.9mm thick it will be some 100 microns thinner than the existing Anniversary. It will look very much like the existing Anniversary, but with the addition of a 'Gold Spot'. An even more advanced adhesive will also be used. Performance over the existing Anniversary will be much improved, at least as much again as the present Anniversary over the old XLR. Please click here for more details.

RINGMAT is a new method of record support and the first that has been properly designed for the generation of an accurate, low distortion signal. It's unique design enables 12" records to be supported so that the main vibrational modes of record movement - caused by the input of stylus energy - give the minimum possible error signal. This allows for improved tracking and, as a result, a reduction in stylus and record wear.
With RINGMAT, there is a reduction of background noise with a cleaner, crisper and yet more delicate sound, together with a wider and deeper soundstage; there is an enhanced sense of power, with greater weight and authority in the bass.

The benefits of the Ringmat really come to fruition, with a further degree of tactile realism, a greater firmness and accessibility to the sound. It all just goes to show that there really is more in the grooves to be dug out and, no matter how futile it may seem in this digital age, that we can still go on enhancing our enjoyment of those old vinyl treasures.

Steve Harris (Hi-Fi News & Record Review)

Except in the case of those few turntables which normally have an extremely thin rubber or felt mat and have no tonearm height adjustment, it is recommended that the Anniversary 330 or 330 MkII XLR should be chosen. Accordingly, Linn, Roksan, Rega and similar turntables should use one of the 330 Ringmats.

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